Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charlize's Three New Faves

December has already brought new fun to our home.  Charlize is now 6 months old and learning to do so many things.  Most recenlty, she has discovered three new things, all of which she LOVES:

1.  Rice Cereal

We have fed rice cereal to Charlize about 4 times and she absolutely loves it.  I think she would eat straight from the bowl if we gave her the chance.  The funniest part is how upset she gets when she has finished eating and we start to clean up.  Our chunky little girl just loves food.  We can't wait to feed her more things that actually taste good.

 Charlize was a little unsure of that first bite.  Then she got really excited and tried grabbing the bowl.

Yep, she likes it!!

Look at her cute, messy face!!

Here is a video of her first time with the cereal.  Make sure to watch for her funny face at the first bite and how cute she looks as she tries to figure out how to use her tongue.  So Cute!!!

2. Rolling Around

Charlize has quickly become a pro at rolling.  There is no longer a need for me to lay a blanket down on the floor because she won't spend any time on it.  As soon as I set her down on the ground, she is off and rolling, and she is fast.  It is especially cute when she gets on a roll and then runs into a piece of furniture.  She will get upset and try to push real hard, thinking that she can move it out of the way.

Here is a video of her rolling across the living room.  Between the spit up and getting stuck under the table, we had to do a lot of editing so be patient.  At the very end, you get to see how cute she is when she has a story to tell.  Enjoy:

3. The Christmas Tree

Nick had just gotten the Christmas Tree set up and the lights turned on.  Charlize was playing on the floor and Nick and I stepped out to bring in boxes of decoration.  When we returned, Nick said, "Look what Santa left for us under the tree."

Charlize had rolled under the tree to check it out.  And, what is the best way to check out something new?  Yep, she stuck a branch in her mouth!

Since then, she has enjoyed looking at the tree but hasn't tried to eat any branches, I don't think they tasted very good.  She did, however, roll underneath grandma's tree and start unwrapping presents.  It is fun to see how curious and smart she is!

Here are a few pictures of Charlize with her first ornaments:

I also just had to throw this in; who doesn't love to hear a baby giggle!!
This is the first time I actually got a real lagh out of Charlize, before this, only my mom could get her going.  I have now learned how much Charlize loves Peek-a-Boo.

Nick has also been busy in the living room.  He finished refacing the fireplace and painting the mantel and it looks great.  Then he painted the wall behind it in a dark chocolate and the rest of the room in a light brown.  Then he worked with my dad to finally finish trimming the window.  (Thanks Colt for the idea).  Nick has also put in can lights by the front door, another recommendation from Colt.  And now all he has to do is paint the trim around the window and that room will finally be done.  Nick has put a lot of work into it!

So, here are some pictures of his work, with a little Christmas decor in there, too.

The living room and fireplace before:

And after:

The old trim on the window (taken during Christmas last year):

The window with new trim, it just needs to be painted:

Nick did such a great job.  Thank you to everyone that helped him out!!

I just have to add one more thing.  While I was sitting here on the couch, working on this, Charlize was just rolling around, playing with all of her toys and then I heard a little crash sound and looked up to find that her play mat had collapsed on top of her and she was stuck underneath it.  Here is a little video of her trying to figure out what happened.  

May God bless you and your families this holiday season.  We hope you have a very merry Christmas!!