Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Spring!

There is so much to celebrate here in our little home as the weather is warming up and we are beginning to enjoy more sunshine and the smell of beautiful flowers. 

First on our list is the marriage of Colt and Adaline.  They were married on Saturday, April 14th and we are so excited for them.  It was also great to have all the family here-- Great Grandma and Grandma Warren, Uncle Pat and Cami, Uncle Richard and Aunt Carrie, Natasha and Nathan, the Qiugley's and the Graessers.  Congrats Colt and Addi!

Here are a couple of pictures from Adaline's Bridal Shower:
The Goodie Table

Opening presents

Some of the guests

And more presents

I'll post some pictures from the wedding next time, as well as some pictures of Charlize and her cousins.

With the nice weather, Nick has also been able to do some more work on the house.  He has recently finished the last big project in the house, the laundry room, and has now moved to the outside.

In the laundry room, Nick painted, updated the cabinets and the countertop, put down new tile flooring and redid the bathroom.

 And After:

Thank you Colt and Dad for helping with this!

As for the work outside, Nick and I have spent a lot of time weeding and cleaning up.  But we couldn't have finished up with out Mom, Dad, Colt and Adaline.  They came over and in one Saturday we got flowers planted, the garden ready, the front porch cleaned up and best of all, cute black shutters on the front of the house.

Lots of weeds!

And no shutters:

And After:

 We just love the shutters:

Thank you everyone for coming to help!!

Another exciting event was celebrating Easter.  We thought that Charlize wasn't old enough to do an Easter Egg Hunt so we have that to look forward to next year, but she did get an Easter Basket.  I was so excited to give it to her in the morning that I took her right from the crib to the living room without feeding her.  Sadly, she was more interested in getting me to feed her than she was her basket.

Charlize's Easter Basket and Clothes

Investigating the goods

"I think I would rather eat first, mom."

Charlize got some summer clothes, an Easter dress and Lady and the Tramp DVD from Grandma and Grandpa Warren Easter Bunny.  She also got some books, star puffs, and a summer outfit from Mom and Dad Easter Bunny.  Mom and Dad got some clothes and candy.

Then we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Wright.  Charlize was greeted with more goodies-- an Easter Dress, a lamb and blanket, and a board book.  She really got spoiled.

No one was really excited to show Charlize what the Easter Bunny brought:

Such a cute little girl--growing up so fast!

At Grandma and Grandpa Warren's house, we celebrated Easter and Adaline's birthday.

It was very exciting to celebrate Charlize's first Easter but most importantly, it was wonderful to reflect on that first Easter Morning when Christ was resurrected.  We are so grateful for the knowledge of and blessings we have because of the Atonement. 

Now, as always, I must include a little update on the sweet little baby.  She is now 10 months old and I can't believe so much time has passed since we brought our bundle of joy home from the hospital.  She has grown so much, even in just the last month. 

1.  She is finally getting some hair . . .  well at least on the back half of her head.  She has nothing on her cousin, Jocelyn, but it is coming in.

2. Charlize gave her first kisses to mom and dad.  We have learned that she knows what kisses are and how to give them but she still makes us work for it.  At least we know she just won't be handing them out to boys later on.

3. She loves the vacuum.  Charlize went through a short phase where she did not like the vacuum at all but more recently she gets very excited whenever I get the vacuum out.  She loves to just sit on the floor and follow me from room to room, just watching the vacuum and playing with the cord. 

One day, I was hurrying to get the vacuuming done before I had to put Charlize down for a nap.  I knew she was getting tired but she was so patient while she waited for me to finish, just folling me around.  Occasionally, she would stop and put her down on the floor, then move on with me.  When I finished, I hurried to grap the camera and get a quick video of our tired little girl, waiting to go to bed.

4.  Charlize still loves to eat!! Between sleeping and eating, Charlize stays busy all day.  Her favorites are still sweet potatoes and avacados but she has also found a love for bananas and bread.  She has also tried her first popcicle (pediapop).  I don't think she liked it very much but we will try again.

5.  Charlize is still army crawling, but she is very fast now and has recently been spending lots of play time trying to figure out how to get that tummy off the floor. 
She has also started to try and pull herself up onto drawers and stairs.  Grandma Wright came to babysit and they spent lots of time on the stairs. 

The next day, we decided to keep practicing.  Charlize did so good the first three times she climbed up the stairs with Nick and I and then, of course, I decide to grab the camera and by then she is a little warn out, but it is still cute:

6.  And now, the best for last.  Charlize has always loved the bath but at times that has made it difficult-- especially when she decides to try out acrobatic moves. 

Once Charlize became very stable sitting up on her own and I just couldn't keep her in the infant tub, I decided it was time to move to the big tub.  I was a little nervous, but it only took swallowing water twice until she figured things out.  Now, she thinks this is the best thing and just loves the bath. 

I must include this short video of Charlize in the bath tub.  I let her play with the little bath comb that we got in the hospital.  The look on her face says that she is not too sure about it!

Our little girl is so cute and always so happy.  She brings us such joy and we are so grateful to have her!!  I love her little toothless grin, her giggle, and her love and curiosity for life.  Everyday I am so happy to get up and greet her in the morning and spend the day learning from her.  I know she is truly a beloved daughter of God and I feel so blessed that I have been given this time on earth to be her mother.

Lastly, I would like to share a little video message with you.  There is a little three year old girl, Clara, in our stake who was diagnosed with cancer this last year.  We have been keeping her and her family in our prayers but things are up and down with her.  As I reflect on this and the blessing our little girl is I wonder if I would be strong enough to deal with such a trial in this life.  I found some strength in a video her mother posted on You Tube.  It is just a short clip of Clara's older brother talking about the situation.  Nick found the video and was inspired to make a sort of "Mormon Message" out of it.  I watched him make it and I have seen it several times but I still cry every time. It is so sweet and comforting.  Enjoy:

May you and your families be blessed. We love you!