Thursday, June 26, 2014

My, How Time Flies!

Where have all the months gone?  I knew I needed to catch up on the blog but when I finally got around to doing this I was surprised to see how much time had passed---just about five months.  This is my attempt at getting almost caught up. 

Here are the months of February- May:


In February we had a big snow storm.  It was the first big one that Charlize was actually big enough to play in.  She fell in love with sledding behind the four-wheeler, building snowmen and making snow angels. 

We never got a lot of snow at Christmas time but Charlize still associated snow with Christmas.  So, just a couple months after Christmas she was ready for it again.  As soon as she saw the snow she said, "Now Santa can come!!!"

Charlize spent the morning in our backyard just making tracks in the snow.  I didn't have any real snow gear for her to wear so I found a heavy jacket and a pair of jeans.  She never wears jeans, its always leggings and skirts at our house, so when she put on the jeans she asked, "Mom, why do I have to wear boy pants?"

Later in the day, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Wright's to play some more.  

Luckily for us, Grandma Wright took care of our little cutie and got her a super cute snow suit and coat.  
Thank you Grandma!!! 

After Charlize got all of her gear on and started walking around, she said, "Mom, I have pants on that squeak when I walk."

 Grandpa Wright decided to brave the cold and help Charlize and her friends build a snowman.
What an awesome Grandpa!

Look at these happy little girls and their cute snowman!

Making snow angels-

Trying out the sled-

 Nick pulled the whole neighborhood behind him on the four-wheeler.

After a fun-filled Saturday in the snow, Charlize couldn't wait to get back into her snowsuit on Monday morning.  I had to finish up house chores before I could go out with her but she just couldn't wait for me.

This is so unlike Charlize to play outside by herself but she loves the snow and she had so much fun! 

 "Hi Mommy!"

Making snow angels all by herself!

In February we also celebrated Grandpa Warren's 50th birthday-

The day before his birthday, Charlize and I blew up 50 black balloons (it was Grandma Warren's idea) and then Nick snuck into Grandpa's work after hours and filled his work truck all the way up with black balloons for a nice birthday surprise. 

We also enjoyed an ice cream cake and a birthday lunch with Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Warren!!

We spent a lot of time sick during the month of February.  The poor little girls just couldn't get rid of the coughs and sniffles.  Charlize was first to get sick and I tried as hard as I could to keep Brooklynn from getting sick so I made Charlize keep her distance, which she hated!  One day she went crying to Nick.  When he asked her what was wrong, she said, "Mommy won't let me touch Brooklynn!!"  Another time, when her nose was really stuffed up, she said, "I sound like someone taking a nap."

After being sick for so long I just told Charlize, "I'm so sorry.  Being sick is the pits."  The next morning, Charlize came out of her room and said, "Mommy, I got the pits."

Here are a few things that Charlize was up to in February when she wasn't sick:

While watching the ice skaters during the Olympics, Charlize asked if she could wear her skates to be just like the ice skaters.  After falling right on her bum while attempting a spin she asked if I could tie a pillow to her bottom so she could keep spinning and skating.  Silly girl!

Charlize is also my big helper.  She helps with lots of chores around the house including mopping and putting the silverware away.  I love that she enjoys spending time with me while I do my house work.

Charlize enjoys play doh, reading, decorating with stickers, playing dress up, playing with her Little People and doing puzzles.  These princess puzzles are one of her favorites and after only having them for a couple of months, she finally did all four all by herself!

Charlize's first ride in her "big girl" booster seat.  Grandpa Warren was pretty excited to have a seat in his car so that Charlize could go do more things with him! I think Grandma Wright went out and got one for her car too.  

 Here is our cute girl on her way to her first friend birthday party.  I could not believe she was big enough to be going to friend parties but she had so much fun!!

Cute Quote:
In February, we had a baby shower for Adaline.  Grandpa Warren said  he would take the kids so the ladies (and Brooklynn) could go enjoy the shower.  When I was explaining this plan to Charlize this is what happened.
Charlize: "Ok, so I'm going with Jocelyn and Hayden and Grandpa and you'll be with Jessica, Brooklynn, Addi and Grandma.  But wait, we are missing Brian."
Me: "He gets here on Monday."
Charlize: "Ok, so then when he gets here, everyone will be here so we can decorate the Christmas tree and have Christmas!"

February was the last month that Brooklynn spent most of the day sleeping.  I feel like she is just growing up too fast and so determined to be as big as her big sister.  

 Just sleeping away the morning in Mommy's bed.

She fell asleep in the middle of day right on the couch despite all the noise Charlize and her friends were making.   

 A little snooze with Daddy.

Nick used to dance all the time before we were married (I guess that makes me a party-crasher), so I was happy to see him bust out his old moves at a Priest/Laurel dance.  He says this isn't very good because he wasn't planning on being asked to do this but I think it's great and I know he had fun!!


In March my sister and her kids came to visit.  We always enjoy spending time with them.  Here are a few things we did while they were here.

As soon as they got out of the car from their 10+ hour road trip, they needed to get out some energy so we gave them the cozy coupe and a big empty drive way.  This is what followed:

 Grandpa Warren enjoying having all of the grandkids at home.

 Cousin Hayden is probably Brooklynn's favorite person.  No one can make her laugh like he can.  She enjoyed listening to him tell his version of "The Three Little Pigs" and she laughed the whole time.

 Just some cute kids hanging out at the mall while their mommies do some shopping.

While they were here we also discovered a little gymnastics place that does open gym time, so the kids really enjoyed playing around on the trampolines and the gym toys.

I was so grateful for her big cousin Hayden to show her how fun this mini roller coaster could be.  Charlize is pretty timid when it comes to trying new things but once Hayden took her down a couple times she was ready to try it on her own.

Finishing up the day with a trip to Howard Amon Park.

Hayden learned the hard way not to feed the birds :)

Spending a little time with Daddy on the golf course.

In March Charlize also got her very first professional pedicure.  She loved sitting in her own chair and getting her toes painted pink and sparkly.

My little helper-- I never knew making cookies could be so messy until she came along! Her face and my floors always end up covered in flour.

And Daddy's little helper-- Nick spent the evening painting the shed and she followed him around for a long time just telling him about her day.

Charlize's new favorite treat is a good old vanilla ice cream.

We love our Little Brooklynn:

At four months old she decided that tummy-time wasn't so bad as long as she could watch her big sister play.

She is a very good baby-- she loves to be where Charlize is, rarely cries, smiles all the time and is just so stinkin'cute.


In April we took a couple trips to Utah.
We went down for my Grandpa Johnson's funeral in the beginning of the month and we were able to see lots of family and do lots of fun things.

 This is my Grandma Warren (my dad's mother).  This is the first time Brooklynn has met her Great Grandma Warren.  It was so sweet to see them meet.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Warren, Grandpa Warren and the girls.
It was so good to see them after so long and to let them meet sweet baby Brooklynn.

Visiting Hogle Zoo--

It wouldn't be a complete outing without a ride on the carousel!

Thanksgiving Point Farm Country--

Charlize was a little unsure about all the animals but after a little bit of reassurance she was willing to ride the pony and feed the goats.

Ice Cream at Leatherby's, a Utah Trip Tradition-- 
Two cute girls and one big scoop of pink ice cream!

At five months old, I finally decided to give Brooklynn a taste of "real" food. She was always watching us eat, making chewing motions and grabbing for food.  It was time!

 I love her silly reactions to the new taste and texture of baby crackers.

While we were in Utah, Brooklynn also decided it was time to start rolling over.  It is cute to remember how much effort it took just a few months ago because now, rolling over, sitting up and crawling are no big deal!

Grandpa Johnson's Funeral--
We had to drive for a few hours to get to Richfield for the funeral so the kids settled into the back seat with a movie and treats.

And happy little Brooklynn is just along for the ride.

 It has been several years since I took the road to Richfield and I was reminded of how beautiful the red rocks are.

While we were waiting for the funeral to start, we had the viewing room to ourselves so the kids took advantage of the soft music and the open space and started dancing.

 It was a beautiful funeral with friends, family and The National Guard.
We will miss Grandpa Johnson and I'm so grateful for all the fun memories we have of him. He loved being outside and riding four-wheelers.  He built the best wooden toys in the little wood shop in his back yard.  He was a kind man who loved his daughters and his grandchildren.

 Sweet Charlize sitting in front of her Great, Great Grandparents headstone.

 Charlize had lots of fun hanging out with cousins.

Both girls did really well on the air plane ... but I guess it helps when you have a movie and a cookie!

 After returning from our first Utah trip, Brooklynn had a few more firsts.

The Johnny Jump-Up:

I'm not sure who had more fun with it--Charlize or Brooklynn.
Brooklynn enjoyed bouncing around on her own but Charlize loved pushing her little sister in "the swing.",

Rice cereal:

Such a cute little girl-- a messy face and a chubby belly, what's not to love!

Enjoying a dollar store kite and a little wind in Grandma's backyard--


Decorating eggs with Grandma Warren ... and it's a good thing Grandma was willing to do this because this mom wasn't sure it would be worth all the work.

 All ready for the Easter Bunny!!

Years ago, Grandma Wright held an annual Easter Egg Hunt in her yard but stopped when she no longer had young kids at home.  She has been waiting for Charlize to be big enough to do the hunt again.  I know Grandma had lots of fun putting on a big community event and Charlize certainly had fun gathering eggs with all her friends.  Thank you Grandma!!

All ready for the hunt!

It's no secret that Charlize is loved!! I'm so grateful for all the great young women in the community that set a good example for her and show her so much kindness!!

And this little one decided to take a little snooze during the egg hunt.

 Grandma Wright filled her front yard with lots of eggs for the little hunters.  The backyard was for the older kids and required a little more hunting.

And she's off...

Looks like it was a successful hunt.

 I love this picture ... it is so sweet to see how much Grandpa loves Charlize.

Finally awake and ready for some Easter candy.

Easter Morning--

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Wright--

 Love this sweet picture.

And off to Grandma and Grandpa Warren's for another Easter Egg Hunt--

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Warren for hiding the eggs for these cute girls!

After Easter we headed back down to Utah; this time Nick came with us.

 Charlize asked if she could pack her own bag for Utah and this is what ended up in there--all of her dress up clothes, a kickball, stuffed animals, books and a magic wand.  She's all set!!

"Here we come, Utah!!"

 After a long drive through the night, Daddy is tired.

While we were there we visited friends, went shopping, toured BYU campus and spent time with cousins.  We also took the kids to Nicklecade and we all had so much fun.
 The carousel is always Charlize's favorite.

 Mommy likes ski ball.

This little girl needed some real Daddy-time and hanging out in the arcade was just the ticket!!

 Before we headed home, we were able to stop and visit Quentin and Becca in Logan and have dinner with Cousin Kelly.  She was so kind to welcome us into her home--she had a great dinner ready for us, she had gifts for my girls, and all she wanted to do was spend time with them.  We love Kelly!!

 And we are so grateful Becca and Quentin let us crash on their living room floor for a night.

While in Utah on this trip, we had Jessica's friend take pictures of the girls.  We are always pleased with the work Emily does.  She took a ton of pictures but here are just a few of my favorites.

Just hanging out in Grandma's backyard.
 Brooklynn's first time in the swing.
She really did like it, you just can't tell because of the grumpy face she is making.

Say cheese!

Our sweet Charlize LOVES  her ice cream.


In May we celebrated Nick's 28th birthday and Mother's day.

 Happy Birthday Daddy!!

 Three generations

For Family Home Evening one Monday night, we went up to Teancum Timbers so Nick could make sure the zip line is working for the summer.

We had lots of fun riding on the zip line.

 Nick and Charlize--
I was a little nervous about Charlize going down the zip line but she loved it and asked to go over and over again.  She has such a good Daddy!

Me-- yep I went on the zip line and I had a blast!!

Since "Homes By Nick" is waiting for a lot of projects to get started, the girls have been able to spend a lot of time with Daddy.  Here are a few of the things we have done.


 Can you spot the little shiner-- Charlize ran right into the corner of the kitchen table, poor thing.

 He's determined to make a golfer out of this one.

Bike rides:
I love that Charlize likes to hold Brooklynn's hand.

Kite flying:

Mini golf:

And getting Daddy a new water toy:

In the middle of our fun month, poor Haley was not having fun.
She had scoliosis surgery in the beginning of the month and then just had a hard time recovering.  She was in and out of Spokane's Shiner's Hospital for several weeks.  We decided to take a day trip up to Spokane to check on her.  Charlize loved playing in the rec room and in the park.

Haley is now out of the hospital and doing much better--we just need her to gain some weight :)

And we just can't get enough cousin time these days, so Jessica and the kids came up for another visit.

 They are loving Chuck E. Cheese these days, too.

 These two had to ride every ride together, so cute.

We were also able to spend a lot of time on the river while they were here.
 Nick testing out the new jet ski.

 Grandma couldn't be happier!

This first trip out on the river we could not convince Charlize to ride on the jet ski with Nick.  Right before we were done for the night she wanted to go back to the dock to meet Grandma and we told her the only way she could go was on the jet ski .... surprisingly, she did it with no problem!

The next day, we went out again and I begged Charlize to ride on the jet ski again but she would NOT do it.  I finally just grabbed her and made her do it.  She had a blast but when Nick brought her in to get back in the boat, she wanted to make sure I knew she was not happy with me....

Can you see that pouty little face?

The biggest news of the month was the addition to our extended family.
 My brother and his wife had their first baby-- a darling little girl named Benelli.  She was born on Friday May 30th at 7:02 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
We couldn't be happier for them!!!

Our little girls just keep on growing.  I really can't believe Brooklynn was once this tiny and now she is so big and independent.

 She is just our happy baby!!!

By the end of May, Brooklynn decided that her full-time project would be learning to crawl.  She spent lots of time on the floor pulling herself up on all fours and rocking.  She was bound and determined to get on the move.  It didn't take her long. 

Charlize is still our busy, chatty, smart and beautiful girl.  

 Some cute Charlize quotes:

I took Charlize to a church meeting with me at someone's house and as I was getting her out of the car she saw a large orange cat and ran back to the car screaming, "Mom!!! There's a lion!!!"

Besides her black eye, Charlize also got a big scratch on her face that left a scab.  One morning while she was on the counter looking in the mirror, she started crying and I asked her why.
Charlize: "I'm crying because my scratch won't go away."
Me: "Well, you still look pretty."
Charlize: "So my scratch makes me pretty?"
Me: "You are pretty with it and with out it."
Charlize: "Thanks Mom!"

Whenever Charlize is referring to something that happened in the past, she always calls it something that happened yesterday.

She is also picking up on past, present and future tense of words.  So when she talks about eating in the past tense she says ote.  "I ote my breakfast."

She loves baby Brooklynn.  She always wants to touch her cheeks and give her kisses.  One time she ran right up to her and said, "Hi little cutie.  You're a little cutie just like me!"

Well, getting the blog caught up through May was a lot of work so I'm going to do June in a couple weeks.  We are headed back down to Utah for another quick visit.  Check back soon to see Charlize's birthday party and all the fun we've had in June.