Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finishing up the summer

Last time I posted we were in the middle of our crazy summer.  Since then we have finished all of our vacations, trips and family reunions and . . . we have finished the house!! We moved in over Labor Day weekend.  So, here is a look at the end of our summer and the final stages of the house before move-in.

Wright Family Loon Lake Vacation in July:

Every year, when we go to Loon Lake we look forward to spending time with family, good food, laying around, boating and fishing.  This year Nick actually got a fishing license so he and Juan spent a lot of time on the dock but I think little Jayden out-fished them both.
Look to the left of the slide and you can see the little fish Nick caught.

Looking at the fish in the bucket

Last year Charlize had lots of fun riding in the boat, especially when Grandpa let her drive--
this year was the same:

"Thanks Grandpa!"

She really enjoyed being around anyone that was playing outside and this cute little chair Grandma got was perfect for her to sit in while she watched everyone.
What a cute smile on a cute girl.

Last year Charlize was too small to do any tubing but we thought she was ready this year.  
If Grandma had her way, Charlize would have learned to ski this year but Charlize has an over-protective mom so we stuck to tubing and kayaking.   

She thought both were lots of fun:
At first she was a little unsure 

But she quickly got comfortable and brave

Thanks Aunt Sam and Aunt Haley for riding with her and Grandpa for being such a good driver

Sam and Dana were great babysitters; Charlize really enjoyed hanging out with the girls.

When we weren't on the water, we were enjoying just laying around and spending time with family--
 Coloring with Jayden

 Playdoh with Daddy and Jayden

Little People with Sam and Haley

Time at the park 

Nick and I were able to sneak away early one morning to go golfing at Chewelah Country Club.  It was a very quiet morning and it was great to be outdoors and on a real date. Thank you to all our babysitters. 

Relaxing on the lake--

Charlize LOVED having Daddy around all day long, every day.  
She really missed him when we had to go back to work 

Before the week was over, we were able to get all the adults together for some tube wars.  
Technically Nick won but he was one of the last to go and I think everyone else was so tired that it wasn't really a fair challenge :).  It was lots of fun to watch, though--

 Dana and Sam

Sam and Nick

  Sam and Nick resting

 Nick and Haley

Nick and Haley--She gets the award for the coolest move on the tube; we call it the cartwheel

Brenda and Kim

 Nick resting his arms before the next run

 Nick and Kim

 And finally, Nick gets thrown off

After tube wars, everyone piled onto the tubes so Juan could pull them in.  They got pretty creative and ended up making a nice human pyramid--

Nick, Jayden and Kim 

 Brenda, Dana, Haley
Sam, Nick, Jayden and Kim

 Building up the pyramid

Juan couldn't resist trying knock everyone off:

Everyone ended up in the water, swimming back to the dock

We had lots of fun at Loon Lake and always get sad when it's over.  We are already looking forward to heading back up next year.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Wright for taking us!


A week after we got back from Loon Lake, Charlize and I packed our bags again and headed to Nevada for the Warren Family Reunion.  It was a fun weekend full of family time, camping and four-wheeler riding.

Charlize did so good wearing her big, fancy motorcycle helmet.  

Jessica and Jocelyn

 While the adults were out on a ride Jessica took all the little kids for quick rides on Hayden's little four-wheeler.  We had fun taking turns just riding around the camp site.  Thank you Aunt Jessica!

 Jessica and Charlize

Hayden and Jocelyn waiting with Grandma Warren 

Such a cute girl--I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks!

Getting ready for our long family ride:

 Mommy and Charlize sporting the cool helmets

Between the rented Arctic Cat, the Quigley's and Colt and Adaline, we had just enough ATV's to fit our immediate family in for a long afternoon ride through the mountains.  It was so nice to get out and enjoy the scenery and remember all the good times we had growing up in Nevada.  

Thank you to the Quigley's and my parents for renting the Arctic Cat and sharing your four-wheelers and thanks to Colt for riding his motorcycle so there would be enough room for everyone.

Taking our first break 

 Charlize and Adaline enjoying the snack break

 Hayden, Jocelyn and Colt throwing rocks in the water

Charlize and Grandpa--so happy together!

Stopping at the top of Kalamazoo for our second break:
The Arctic Cat-- Charlize and I are sitting in the back seat behind Brian
Charlize did great in the Arctic Cat the entire ride.  I enjoyed riding along with her on my lap watching her look around and holding her while she slept (which never happens!).

 Group picture:
Colt, Adaline, Ashley, Charlize, Luke, Jamie, Grandma Warren, Grandpa Warren
Hayden, Jessica, Brain

Don't look too close or you'll see just how dirty we got on that ride.

Addi and Colt 

Mommy and Charlize
Such a beautiful view here 

The girls thought that it was their turn to drive

Playing in the creek:

The water was FREEZING cold, but it didn't stop these three from playing in it. 

 They tied all their toys to strings so they wouldn't float away and spent almost an hour just dragging them back and forth across the creek.

 Hayden being a big brother/cousin and leading the way across the creek

You can see how wet the back of Charlize's shirt is--she fell down and went up almost to her neck.  It was so funny to see the look of shock on her face when she went down in that cold water. 

We tried to convince Hayden to sit all the way down but he couldn't do it, it was just too cold.

We had so much fun visiting family and camping in Nevada. I enjoyed visiting places and people I grew up with, and I especially loved being back on a four-wheeler up in the mountains.  By the end of the weekend, though, we were ready to head back to Utah where we could sleep in comfy beds and shower everyday.

Back in Utah:

Jocelyn and Charlize playing dress up-

 Charlize is putting make up on Grandma and Jocelyn is painting her toe nails.

"Say cheese!"

We were trying to get Charlize to blow a kiss but she looks like she just won the Miss America Pageant!

 Grandpa getting pampered

Such cute little helpers

 You can see how much he was enjoying this.


We spent lots of time in the water while visiting the Quigley's.  Charlize's favorite place was the Spanish Fork community pool because she really liked walking around in the shallow end.

She thinks she is such a big girl.

 Brian and Jocelyn on the left
Grandpa Warren in the middle
Adaline, Jamie and Jessica on the right

Jessica, Colt and Jocelyn in the back
Adaline, Hayden, Jamie and Grandpa Warren on the left
Brian and Charlize in the front 

Jocelyn, Colt and Adaline 

Brian, Grandma Warren, Charlize, Jamie, Colt, Jocelyn, Adaline
and Grandpa Warren
We had lots of fun just laying around in the cool water.

 Grandpa was nice enough to take Charlize down the water slide.  It wasn't her favorite thing but I'm glad she went.

 I can't exactly tell whether she is having fun or not :)

 Thanks Grandpa!

What a pretty little girl

We also spent some time at Seven Peaks:

Jamie and Jocelyn came down the slide very gracefully . . .

 Grandpa and Charlize, not so much.

 Even with a wet, sad face she is still willing to give a high-five. 

Playing in the kiddie zone:
 Grandpa and Charlize

Jamie and Jocelyn

 Grandpa catching Charlize after we forced her down the baby slide.

 Jocelyn and Charlize enjoying their sandwiches.

Grandpa, Colt, Adaline, Jessica, Hayden, Jamie, Jocelyn, Charlize and Grandma

We had a busy, fun week full of activities but the kids still found time to relax:

Charlize's favorite cartoon right now is Doc McStuffins on Disney Jr. so Jamie was nice enough to get out her real doctor bag and let the kids play.  Charlize was in heaven.

 "Now take a deep breath for me."

And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Utah without a trip to Fat Cats Bowling:
 Brian and Charlize

 "I'm trying to watch everyone bowl, don't make me smile."

 Jocelyn and Jessica

 "Go Grandpa!!"
Just look at his perfect form!

Charlize, Grandma and Jocelyn

 Mommy and Charlize

 Grandpa and Hayden . . . and Grandpa's attempt at growing a mustache

 When the kids got tired of bowling, they found other ways to entertain themselves

Mathews Family Reunion:
After returning home from Nevada and Utah, it was time for the Mathews Family Reunion.  We always look forward to this and this year Charlize was old enough to participate in more of the activities and play with her cousins.  It was a very fun and relaxing weekend.

Our immediate family did very well in the Family Fun Run:
 Mel and Rachel singing the National Anthem

 Jayden and Audrey won in their age group on the bikes

 Rachel and Owen took second and third in their age division

 Haley and Sarah won in their age group

 Bill and Juan took medals in the "old man" division

 Brenda couldn't have been happier to win first in her age division . . . 
but we won't say what the age range was for her division.  

 Kim took second in her age division

 Haley and Brenda showing off their medals.  It was a good start to Brenda's birthday.

Juan, Kim and Jayden

Brenda, Becca, Quentin and Haley

Right after the Fun Run it was time for cupcake wars.
Our team consisted of Grandma McNeese, Brenda, Kim, Mel, Becca, Haley and myself.
Brenda had a great lemon cupcake recipe for us to use.  They were delicious and beautifully done.
 Kim, Haley, Becca and Mel hard at work

 Brenda in the background totally focused . . . she was determined to get our cupcakes done on time and done well.  We owe her for our winning title of the "tastiest lemon cupcakes."

 Sorry Haley, I just couldn't resist!

Our scandalous bakers . . . 
it's ok, they had shorts on. 
 There was no time to change between the Fun Run and the bake off.

After we got done baking, we had time to open presents for Brenda's birthday:

"Grandma, look.  That's the card I colored for you."

Happy Birthday Grandma Wright!

In between reunion events, we had some down time.  Rachel was kind enough to play with Charlize so I could relax.  They had fun trying on old wigs:
 Look how fast Charlize's hair grew!

Our little princess

At the last reunion luncheon they had a hay ride for the kids:
Haley, Audrey, Nick and Charlize

Cousin Time
Charlize's cousins came up from Utah to visit before they took off for their trip to the Oregon coast.  We were able to spend some time with them in between reunion activities.

Here they are stamping and scooping jello.  I did this as a sensory activity a few months back and Charlize has asked to do it several time since.

They spent a little time playing then asked if they could eat it.  That's when I think they really started to have fun.

Our new house

We moved into our new house at the beginning of September and I think we are just about settled in.  There are only a few more boxes to go through and some decorating to do and we should be in.  It already feels like home--we are so proud of Nick and the work and time he put into our home.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way.

Here was the progress on the house as of August 19th, just two weeks away from move-in date:
 Hayden, Jocelyn and Charlize playing in the gravel soon to be our drive way

Hayden, Jessica, my dad, my mom and Nick relaxing after some hard work on the house

Entry way:


Master closet:

Master shower:

Mud room:

Laundry room:

After lots of hard work at the end of August, Nick got us into the house.
Here is a picture of the almost decorated kitchen:

Then, just when Nick thought he was done with major projects on the house, our washing machine went out and flooded the entire laundry room floor.  So, he has spent the last week tearing out the old floor:

All the old floor is up and he has started laying tile.  I hope to be able to do laundry in my own house this week.

When Nick isn't working on the house, we are busy with out new-found hobby--geocaching!

Nick and Charlize opening the cache.  This one was fun because it had little trinkets inside.  Charlize really got into it.

We have found about eight so far--all the ones we can bike to from our house.  We are ready to venture out and keep up the treasure hunting.  It has been a great family activity.

Charlize is growing up fast-- she is such a smart, beautiful girl.  Check back soon for an update just on her!