Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome Summer!

It has been about two months since my last post so there is lots to catch up on . . . again.  
We have been busy working on our house and enjoying our time living with Grandma and Grandpa Warren.
Spring is upon us and it is quickly turning to summer!
  Here is what we have been up to:

Charlize's first time water coloring-
"Ok Mom, I'm ready for the paint brush." 

 Look at all those pretty pictures!

This is Charlize's favorite picture because it looks like Nina- Grandma Wright's dress up doll

Our little chef helping make cookies-

Daddy-Daughter Date-
In March I really wanted to go to the bull riding at the TRAC with my family so Nick said he would watch Charlize.  I wasn't worried that Nick couldn't take care of her, I was just worried that they would be bored and end up watching cartoons until bedtime.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they had lots of fun while I was gone--no cartoons included.  Here is their final project-

Here is a link to it on YouTube just in case you have problems.
You will not regret taking the time to watch this cute video of a little girl with her daddy!

Charlize's first pedicure-
Since getting her toes done this first time, she asks to get them done again as soon as they start to chip.
Then she walks around saying "Oh! Pretty toes!"
What a cute little girl!

Daddy and Charlize pretending to sleep-

They do enjoy spending time playing together.  He is such a great dad!


Easter Egg Hunt-
We spent some time preparing Charlize for the big neighborhood Easter egg hunt and explained to her how it would work.  When we got there, she seemed very excited and enjoyed packing her basket around.  

When they told us it was time to start, Charlize and I ran out to the middle of the field to collect eggs.

 Look at her scared little face-- She got a little nervous when everyone started rushing toward her out in the middle of the field.  She didn't want anything to do with the eggs anymore, so I grabbed a few eggs and we escaped to the sidelines.  

Things were all better when she found candy inside her eggs.

I quickly learned that Charlize likes Easter eggs but not Easter egg hunts or the Easter Bunny.

Easter Morning-
 Look what the Easter Bunny brought

 Taking her baby for a spin in the new stroller.  It looks like they are both wearing a big smile.

 Grandma and Grandpa Warren got her a wheely bug to ride around on.  She got lots of fun things.

Later, Grandma and Grandpa Wright brought her some more Easter treats:

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

After opening presents, it was time to attempt another Easter egg hunt:

We hid lots of eggs in the backyard but after Charlize found out there was candy and treats inside she didn't want to look for anymore, just open the ones she already had.

Looking through all of her Easter eggs:

Our Little Cowgirl-

I just LOVE those fat cheeks!

In May we celebrated Nick's birthday.  For his birthday dinner, he wanted Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Since it has had a line out the door since it opened, we decided to order it online and pick it up to go.  Here we are at my parent's house enjoying the yummy food and good company.

Thanks Roger and Brenda for picking up dinner!

Nick and Charlize opening presents-

Who is more excited about that new T-shirt?

Haley going to Prom-
 She is so beautiful!

 Mom had to help out a little with the boutineer.

It's crazy to think that she will be graduating in just a few short weeks.

Our first backyard swim of the summer-
Checking out the water . . . yep, it's freezing cold but it still looks fun!

"Are you sure this is safe?"

I'm a little prejudice but I just think she is the cutest little girl there ever was!

Now, just in case you were wondering, here is a quick update on the progress on the house-

March 22

It was great to see the walls and roof go up on the house and finally be able to see what it will be like.

March 25
The windows are in and the house is ready for shingles.

Daddy's little helper

April 1
The shingles are on and it's ready for siding

 Nick and James working on the soffit.

Say cheese!

 April 13
Nick has begun the siding.  He got a lot done on the first day but since then he has had so many other projects that he only puts up a few more pieces at a time.  It is still his ongoing, unfinished project.

May 2
Here he is again, trying to put up a few more pieces in the last few minutes of daylight.

FUNNY STORY: After seeing how long it would take Nick to finish the siding- not because he can't do it just because there is so much to get done by just one man- we decided to hire out the siding for the back and sides of the house, but let Nick finish the front.  We did this while my parents were away visiting family in Utah.  We decided to send my dad a picture of the back and sides to show him how fast Nick got the siding done all by himself.  My dad was very impressed.  We didn't tell him the truth until a few days later.

When Nick is not working on the siding, he is working on electrical.

Hopefully next week he'll be done with that and ready to move on.
We are all so proud of the work he has been doing and very grateful for all the help we have gotten from family and friends!

And finally, an update on Charlize-

In just a couple of weeks, she will be two years old!  Where did the time go. . .
Here are just a few of her favorite things right now:

1. DANCING- She'll do it anywhere and with anyone; she especially likes to dance in the bath tub while her dad plays his "cool music" from high school.  I did try to play country music in the car once and she plugged her ears, so I guess she doesn't like my music.

2. LEARNING- All day long, all I hear is "What's this, mommy?"  She is so curious and so smart.
I have to have patience with her because sometimes she'll keep asking about the same thing but I know she is learning fast.

One of her favorite spots to practice what she has been learning is on paper.  She loves to color and draw!

3. MORE LEARNING- Charlize can count all the way to ten (minus number seven) without any help. This comes in handy when we play hide and seek.  She is beginning to point out letters- although everything is "ABC, OSD." She can draw and recognize a circle, and recognize a heart.  She has just begun learning her colors--everything used to be blue but know she really knows blue, pink, purple, and orange.

Somewhere recently she learned the meaning of "upside down."  We were coloring and I was holding the crayon upside down.  She yelled, "Stop!  Upside down," and took the crayon from my hand, turned it around and gave it back to me.  What a smarty-pants.

I just love this video; it always makes me smile.

4. DRESSING UP- She loves to wear hats, glasses, her dress-up aprons, and especially pretty Sunday dresses.  She looks forward to Sunday so she can wear a "pretty dress."  She loves to twirl and show off how pretty she looks.

One Sunday, when she was all dressed up, she walked into nursery and her leaders told her she looked so pretty.  Charlize got a big grin on her face, threw her hands up in the air and did a big ballerina twirl.
I think maybe she's been told she's pretty a few times.

5.  Playing- Charlize enjoys the park, especially the "twisty slide." She can climb up any playground set and go down any slide all by herself.  She enjoys playing in the backyard, the swimming pool, and riding on the lawn mower with Grandma Wright.

Charlize is also recently obsessed with her play kitchen.  Nick and my dad made it for her for Christmas last year but she is just now getting into it.  She loves to make cookies, stir things on the stove and pour you a glass of milk.  She usually cries when I tell her it is time to be done playing in the kitchen.

We just love our little girl!

One last piece of happy news-- Nick and I are expecting an addition to our family, due to arrive around Thanksgiving this year.  

Thanks again for keeping up with us.  We hope all is well and that you enjoy a good, safe summer!