Saturday, August 25, 2012

our busy summer & busy little girl

Well, it looks like I dropped the ball on getting our summer posted along the way,
so once again you'll have to hang on while I get you up-to-date on our busy summer and our busy little girl . . .

In June Charlize turned one year old, so if you missed that, please go back and see our cute little one enjoying her first birthday party and first taste of cake!
She has really been enjoying all of the gifts she got from grandparents and aunts & uncles.  Here is a video of her enjoying SOME of the fun toys . . . 

We really enjoy spending time as a family, especially riding bikes and swimming, but one of our favorite things to do inside is spend time at the piano.  Charlize loves to dance and sing while Nick plays, but occasionally Charlize gets to play:

Charlize has also been spending lots of time eating and has become a little independent:

Charlize also enjoys the bath tub.  Here are some pictures from her first time with bubbles:

July brought new fun and adventures:

We kicked it off by staying with the Wright's at Loon Lake over the fourth.

The weekend started with a funny story:
On Saturday, Quentin realized that he had packed his suit for church but forgot his white shirt.  Luckily Aunt Kim was on her way up so she stopped at Macey's and bought him a new shirt and brought it up.  Nick thought this was hilarious and gave Quentin a really hard time for forgetting a white shirt.  Sunday morning, Nick got his suit out and . . .  no white shirt.  He felt so silly for teasing Quentin and now he was the one without a white shirt.  He tried on a lot of different things, including his mom's white shirt, but this is what he ended up going to church in:

Charlize was very adventurous at the lake.  This is where she really learned to crawl up and down the stairs-- there were six sets of stairs in this house.  She has always been drawn to the stairs, but I hadn't spent a lot of time teaching her how to go up and down safely.  After the week on the lake, she was a pro and now she is even better.  She loves them:

Charlize also spent time playing in all of the bookshelves and other furniture.  Grandpa Wright joked about making her a "cat hotel" to climb around in.  She had lots of fun at the lake.

While at the lake, we all enjoyed just relaxing, fishing, the good food, boating, and just being away with family:

Charlize loved the boat and she really enjoyed splashing around in the lake even though
it was really cold water.

We also enjoyed fireworks.
Nick and Quentin did some during the day so Charlize could see . . . well, hear them.  
There is a reason you have to wait until dark to see fireworks.

We came home from the lake early so Nick could go back to work, so we were able to spend the afternoon of the fourth with my parents.  We had an early dinner and then hung out at our house to wait for the fireworks.  Charlize enjoyed some time in the small pool.

We also got this video of Charlize dancing to "The Lion King."

Nick and I were able to sneak away for a golf date while Grandma and Grandpa babysat:

Then we went to Nick's cousin's wedding in Moses Lake.  
It was great to see all of Roger's family and Charlize was such a good girl:

Here are some pictures and a video of our little girl just enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning.  We really enjoy Sunday mornings when we aren't rushed to get out the door because we just get to hang out in our pajamas and relax.

Charlize really enjoys playing outside and she especially enjoys going out to garden when we pick the vegetables.  Here are some pics of her playing in the dirt:

Look at those dirty little legs!

Charlize also enjoys the slide & swing at Grandma Warren's house:

Yes, this is a silly face . . . she's making little piggie noises!

And check out her new sunglasses!
The day she got them, she wouldn't take them off, even inside the house.

Roger and Quentin came over one Saturday to help Nick pour concrete in our backyard. 
Charlize decided to help out too:

Charlize has two new favorite things to wear:

1. Her pioneer bonnet-- 
Grandma Wright made them for her sunbeam class and made an extra one for Charlize; 
she has had fun with it:

2. Her dad's socks--
Charlize is big into getting herself dressed, especially when she sees her clothes in the laundry basket, so one day while folding clothes I decided to put Nick's socks on her. She wore them the rest of the evening and will now dig out socks from our drawers to wear:

Now, for a little video treat:
Nick and I saw this funny prank online so we tried it on my dad, but he out-smarted us and it didn't work.  Later, Nick tried it on me and got me.  But, the best part of this video is not the prank, it's how hard Nick is laughing.  Enjoy:

And now onto August:

On Friday August 10th, we went up to visit Colt and Adaline in Moses Lake to see how they were recovering from their car accident.  Besides Colt's broken collar bone and both of them bruised and sore, I think they were starting to recover.  We enjoyed spending time with them and were very grateful they came out safe.  

Here is a picture of Colt's chest where the seat belt got him.  As bad as this is, we are very grateful both he and Adaline were wearing them.

While on this little trip, Charlize decided she was ready to start walking on her own-- she walked back and forth through their apartment all night.  Here is a video of her walking a little bit and her playing with a "new toy":

After she decided she was brave enough to start walking on her own, it didn't take long for her to get it down.  She is now walking all of the time and she gets better everyday, even though she is still a little wobbly.  

We have gone swimming as a family a few times this summer, and Charlize has gotten really good about going underwater.  This video shows her going off the diving board-- despite her being upset in this video, she really does like the diving board.

Here is a video of Charlize hanging around our house doing cute things.  
Warning: it is a little long, but she's so cute!!

And, another video of a cute girl . . . this time in the bath tub:

Charlize is such a busy, curious girl and she is always exploring new things and new places.  She loves the vacuum and is so good about following me around the house.  Lately, she has been twisting herself up in the vacuum cord-- this has made vacuuming a little more difficult since my vacuum can't reach as far.  

She has also twisted herself up a few times in the shoulder straps in her bike trailer.
So silly!

In the middle of August, we got together with Brenda's sisters and mom to celebrate Brenda's birthday.  It was great to see everyone and have cousins over to play with Charlize:

Charlize and Jayden

Mom opening presents

Aunt Mel, Haley (just had her wisdom teeth taken out), and Grandma McNeese

 Aunt Kim

 Nick (skipped work to come to the party), Tyler, and Rachael

Mom, Gloria and Charlize
Happy Birthday Mom!

And Happy Anniversary to Charlize's Grandma and Grandpa Warren!

Right now we are enjoying a long visit from the Quigley's so Charlize is loving all the time with her cousins.  Check back soon (hopefully) to see all the fun they have been having.

Thanks again for always keeping up with us.  We hope you have had a great summer, too!
Take care.