Saturday, February 4, 2012

Charlize is eight months old!!

January 5th was my birthday and it was also Charlize's 7th month birthday.  We were able to have lots of celebrations in the month of January because it is also the birthday month for my mom and my nephew Hayden.  Here are some pictures from all of the parties.

Ashley's Birthday dinner with the Wrights at Bob's Burgers (my new favorite place!):

Mom and Nick


 Mom and Dad

Haley and Ashley

Charlize just couldn't keep her eyes open so she enjoyed dinner from her car seat! So precious!

 Combined birthday party for Ashley, Mom, and Hayden at the Warrens:
 Hayden was so excited to open presents.  Now, on his third birthday, I think he finally gets it! So cute!

 Mom, Charlize (ready for bed), and Nick


 Brian and Ken

 Brandon and Kaci
Dad, Colt and Addi

 Hayden opening his third Angry Birds present: green stuffed pig, band-aids and gummy candies

 Hayden also got Don't Break the Ice and a slinky

 Mom got another picture collage for her wall--this one is of her grandkids

Here are some of the pictures included in the collage:

It is very difficult to get a tired 3 year old and two little girls (who can barely sit up on their own) to pose for good pictures.  So, this is what we got after being at the studio for over two hours . . .
Grandma better appreciate it!!

 Hayden trying out his "swink thing" on the stairs

 Jessica counting candles on the cake with Hayden

(Even though Ashley does not appear in any of these pictures, it does not mean she wasn't there; it just means she was behind the camera all night)

Then we got to celebrate Mom's birthday at Red Robin on her special day:
 Mom and Dad

 Colt, Addi, and Charlize

 Nick, Ashley and Charlize
Happy Birthday everyone!!

January went by too fast but with the beginning of February brings the beginning of more fun with our little girl.  On February 5th she turned eight months old!!  And, as always, I just need to post some pictures and videos to show how cute she is and how much she has grown!

Here is a little video showing some of her funny moments in the past month:

Another funny moment:
Nick, Charlize and I wanted to go for a walk one afternoon but it was still a little chilly outside so we decided to bundle Charlize up.  Nick also thought it might be nice to have sunglasses on too. 
Here is the end result:

She kept her sunglasses on really well and it was so funny to see her in an over-sized full body suit.  She just loves being outside. 
The best part came when we got home and Nick took her inside to get her undressed.  She looks like a little baby seal stuck on land.  Enjoy:

Charlize has also discovered a love for things that weren't meant for a little one. Although she enjoys all the new toys she got for Christmas, she also enjoys discovering new "toys," some of which include a rubber spatula, straps on her car seat, her dad's shoe laces, and any cell phone.  She is such a smart and curious girl.

Charlize is also a very good eater:
She loves her sippy cup!

And she loves food!!
Some of her favorites include sweet potatoes and applesauce.
Here is a video of her eating so good and the little fit she sometimes throws when all her food is gone:

When Charlize is not at the table eating, she is usually playing on the floor.  She is still rolling everywhere but has recently enhanced her ability to get around.  She can now army crawl (and is pretty fast), scoot herself around in a 360, and is beginning to learn how to pull herself up to a crawling position.  Although she loves learning new things, it has to be her idea and at her own pace.  As you will see in this video, she has learned how to stiffen up her body whenever anyone tries to help her get up on her hands and knees.  She thinks she is so independent . . . and who doesn't love a baby in just a diaper:

 Charlize is also getting stronger and sitting up on her own better. 
What you can't see is Nick waiting near by just in case she tips over.  I think it will be just a little while longer until she is ready to sit ALL by herself.

I still cherish every toothless grin she gives me.  Even though there doesn't seem to be any teeth in a hurry to come through I know that will change soon enough. 

I also love every kiss and giggle I get from her.  Unfortunately, Charlize does not like getting kisses but there have been a few occasions where she has been willing to give a kiss or two.  One of the lucky recipients of those kisses is the fish in the tub:

And finally, another giggle video.  I never get tired of hearing this sound:

We hope things are well with you and your families. 
Thanks again for keeping up with our little family!