Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wow!! Charlize is One Year Old!!

I know, it's already the end of the month and I am just getting this post up! 
So, once again, hold on while I get you up-to-date on our little family.


Last month, we went on a little family date to Golf Land:

Charlize had fun crawling around and Nick helped me work on my swing.
The weather was nice and it was just so fun to get out of the house as a family!

Samantha returned home from school and we went over to visit:

Grandma Wright also spent some time practicing the stairs with Charlize:

Charlize loves the stairs at both Grandma's houses and she is really good at it.  She has recently figured out how to go down the two stairs we have in our house.

Charlize is getting more comfortable exploring the house--
She doesn't have to follow me everywhere I go, she can just go about her own thing.  One day I found her playing in my craft room enjoying my basket of ribbons.  This is now one of her favorite places to hang out. She is such a cute girl!

Finally, at the end of May, we made a little trip down to Utah

 Here is what we did:

Of course, all the guys had to work around the house--Dad and Brian worked on getting the sprinklers in the Quigley's yard and Nick decided to paint some of Jessica's furniture.
(Don't worry, Brian and Nick did take a morning off to go golfing!)

The kids enjoyed just spending time together . . . 
especially in the bath!

Yes! Jocelyn got all of the hair!

The girls playing after bath time:

Charlize and Jocelyn got their first baby dolls:

For our big activity, we went on a little trip to Trafalga:
Pat's family came up to meet us and Gavin came along too.  It was a lot of fun!

Grandma and Grandpa

Jocelyn and Charlize

Nick and Ashley

Our sweet little girl

Hayden and Gavin

The boys enjoyed the rides, rock climbing, 
and of course the Go-karts: 

Hayden getting ready for the ride

Nick and Brian playing games-- they might have had just as much fun as the little guys!

Hayden Bowling

Nick raking in the tickets

Waiting in line for rock climbing

Uncle Pat, Brian and Nick getting ready to race to the top
(We couldn't convince grandpa to go up with them)

 Nick on the way back down

Gavin had so much fun on this-- he went over and over again!!

Waiting for the Go-Karts . . . and it wasn't very warm outside

Hayden with his Grandpa

Nick and Uncle Pat
(you can see the raindrops on the go-karts)

Gavin and Brian

We had lots of fun at Trafalga!

Charlize is "walking"
For Christmas, Charlize got a little push walker and she has had a hard time figuring out how to use it.  Lucky for us, Jocelyn and Hayden had some at their house and they were kind enough to show her how it is done!  Enjoy the video:

We had so much fun in Utah.  We got to see lots of the Warren family, had breakfast with the Wissingers, went to BYU and ate at the creamery, and had fun just hanging out with the little ones.  
We also got to go see Miley and Sam in the hospital and meet their new baby, Grace.  She is such a CUTE baby--congrats guys!

Right after we got back from Utah, we had something very exciting to look forward to:
Elder Quentin Wright came home from his mission in Virginia.
It was exciting to wake Charlize up at 10:00 pm and meet the whole family at the airport.
Here are the first pictures and a video from his return:

Aunt Mert made the trip down to see Quentin and we got to spend some time with her at our house:

 Aunt Mert helping Charlize enjoy her favorite thing--food!

Charlize has a hard time sitting still for an entire book but Aunt Mert was so good; Charlize sat through several books.  It was so fun to see them playing together.
Thanks for coming, Aunt Mert!


On June 5th, Charlize turned a year old!!
I always say that she is just growing too fast, but I really can't believe she has been with us for a year now; where does the time go?!

Here are pictures of her first birthday party:

I was really excited to plan and decorate Charlize's first birthday party but then I realized it would be a little silly to go all out on a one year old's birthday party so I scaled things back and just went with a banner and balloons . . . and it turned out just perfect!

The best and HARDEST part of getting the party together was the cake.
Somehow I decided on three different cakes-- chocolate, yellow and one just for Charlize.
  I have wonderful memories of my mom making amazing cakes for every birthday--cabbage patch kids, teddy bears, ballerinas and the like.  So, I wanted to make one like that for Charlize.  It turns out making and decorating a cake is really not as easy as it looks.  I was lucky just getting the white frosting on and a few circles.  If you look close at the "Happy Birthday" cake you can see the chocolate cake peeking through!  Well, at least I can say I tried.  So, thanks for always making those cakes, Mom!

 All the presents waiting to be unwrapped-- it helps having both grandparents and some aunts and uncles living close by that want to spoil a cute little girl.

Grandma and Grandpa Warren

Aunt Samantha, Charlize and Grandma Wright
(Grandpa Wright had to come later)

Uncle Quentin

Dad (nick) and Aunt Haley
I was there too, just hiding behind the camera

 Charlize getting excited for all the fun!

We had pizza and soda pop for dinner and then it was time to open presents: 

 This Little People car was the first thing Charlize opened and then we couldn't get her to focus on much more after that so Nick ended up opening most of her other presents.  She's so silly!

Can you spot the cute little birthday girl?

Obviously, she didn't get spoiled!
Thank you everyone for making her birthday so great.

Charlize was a little unsure of the cake, but as soon as she got a little taste of the frosting, she was ready to dig in!  In fact, she had some frosting left on her hands when I put her in the tub and she was eating it as fast as she could to get it all in her mouth before I washed it off.  When I finally rinsed her hands, she held them up and saw all the frosting was gone and just looked so sad!

Charlize also got to try spaghetti for the first time.
 I was really excited to feed her this because this has always been a favorite of mine.
Good news--she loved it!

We have been enjoying the summer days at 
grandparents' houses--

Charlize enjoys the rocking horse, the four-wheeler (sorry Hayden), the water table and the slide:

Yes, that is a happy face--she was very excited to go down!

Since I have been helping Haley out with swimming lessons, I got a little extra spending money and bought Nick and I new bikes and Charlize a trailer:

Nick is on my bike (I am taking the picture--funny how it always works out like that).
Nick's bike came a few days later; it is the same bike in black.

We have really been enjoying family bike rides together, something I have fond memories of from my own childhood. Charlize really does love these rides--she is so good in her trailer.  She is usually silent, just taking everything in or she just sits and talks.  She is a good girl.

Charlize tried ice cream for the first time on Father's Day and she wasn't really sure about it:

I was a little worried she wasn't my daughter because I can't go to bed without my daily ice cream fix, but a few weeks later, we tried feeding her ice cream again, and we finally had to take it away from her-- she loves it!

Charlize is just growing so fast, and she has such a cute personality.  Here is a video of her playing--
she has learned some new tricks:

More recently, Charlize has been spending 
some time in the water:

She enjoys Grandma Wright's pool and the water park:

And here is Nick, just being Nick!

Yes, Roger, that is your son.


 Colt and Charlize--
Charlize just loved the lazy river, she would just lay there and give good cuddles.

 Adaline and Charlize

Charlize enjoying the water fountains

Mom (ashley) and Charlize

Such a cute little girl.  She did so good keeping her hat on all day.

Grandma Warren and Charlize

 Colt body surfing.
He actually did pretty good.

  Grandpa Warren


Here are the family pics and Charlize's One-Year-Old pictures that Colt took for us:

My personal favorite!

I love this one, too.  She is so sweet!

Thank you so much Colt, Addi, and Mom for always doing this for us!

Once again, we are so grateful that you take the time to check in on us.  We hope you have been able to enjoy the nice weather and that everything is going well with you and your families!