Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living in Puyallup

For the past five weeks Nick, Charlize, and I have been living in Puyallup, WA (near Seattle) for Nick's work.  We were finally able to move back home this last weekend.  It was a great experience but we are so grateful to be home and back near family.  We are really blessed because Nick's company was nice enough to pay for a nice condo while we were up there so Charlize and I could live with Nick instead of staying in Pasco, waiting for him to come home on the weekends, so we are really grateful for that.  It was like a mini vacation because this place had two swimming pools, two hot tubs, a small gym, and it was a gated community so I felt safe while we were alone during the day.  It was also nestled up against a wetland boundary so when we would go out for walks, it was just beautiful greenery and you could hear the birds and smell the fresh air.  It was pretty nice. 
Here are a few pictures of the place.

And here is an amature video showing the inside of our pretty sweet condo:

While we were living here, we really enjoyed going on walks, especially at night.  Right before we came home it started to cool off at night so I bought Charlize a beanie to wear (it is a little big on her, but still cute).  So, I had to throw this picture in to show how cute she looks in her new beanie, all ready for her evening stroll.

Charlize has a new trick!

Yesterday I needed to bake some goodies for Visiting Teaching so I set Charlize on the floor on her back in the living room and went to work in the kitchen.  Not long after I heard a tiny little muffled cry so I went over and found her on her stomach.  Naturally, I was so excited that she finally rolled over and a little sad that I didn't even see it the first time.  But, I had also heard that babies usually roll over for the first time by accident and then don't usually do it again for awhile.  So, I set her down on her back again and went back to the kitchen.  A few short seconds later, I heard her crying again and went down to find her on her stomach once again!  I wasn't going to be fooled a third time so I grabbed the camera and set her down on her back.  She immediately started crying but quickly rolled over onto her stomach again.  She was so upset that she couldn't stay on her back; I don't think she realized she realized she was doing it to herself.  So, the first video I have of Charlize rolling over is actually third time and she is screaming.  Instead of posting that one, I decided to wait before I tried to record her again.  So, here is the video of her later in the day, rolling over with out screaming.  In this video she had a hard time getting her arm out of the way, but every other time she has been able to do it by herself.

As exciting as this is, it has also changed some sleeping habits.  A couple of weeks ago, we moved Charlize into her own room and she did great.  I felt like the whole family was getting more sleep.  But, after she learned how to roll, she has not been sleeping as well.  All of her naps have been interrupted and she kept waking up last night because she will roll over in her sleep and start crying either because her face is smashed into the mattress or because she ran into the side of the crib.   I'll admit that it is a little funny and really cute, but now she needs to learn how to roll from her stomach to her back to get unstuck! 

While I am posting videos, I finally got a pretty good one of Charlize talking to Nick.  Enjoy!

It is so exciting to watch my little one grow and I am so blessed that Nick works as hard as he does so that I can stay home with her! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh, How She Has Grown

I can't belive how fast time flies . . . our little girl is already three months old and she has changed so much. Although at times I miss the always-sleeping, little tiny newborn, I have enjoyed watching her learn and grow. She has also developed such a happy personality and her smile just makes it that much better. I love when she looks at me and breaks out into a huge toothless grin because she is so happy to see me. I wouldn't trade that for anything. I love being her mom.
So, here is a quick preview of how much she has changed in the last few months:


This was the first of many naps these two have taken together.
If I had to guess, I would say giving Charlize kisses and taking naps with her are two of Nick's favorite things about being a dad. He is the best.

We are getting ready to buckle her into her carseat for the first time . . .

. . . and now we can take her home.


Charlize loves the bath
(Just like her mom)



I quickly learned that just because she likes the bath does not mean she will like the pool . . . unless the temperature is very warm. We got her up to her knees before she started screaming. So that trip to the pool ended with me holding her on the edge of the pool, wrapped up tight in her towel, warming in the sun. Maybe next year she won't be so picky about how cold it is.


I am so grateful for the Priesthood holders in our family. It was such a beautiful sight to see my precious daughter being blessed by her dad and surrounded by the worthy men in the family.


I like this picture because you can see that she is just starting to change from a newborn baby and she is getting just a little bit chunky.
I'll admit, I also like this picture because she seems so content looking at her mom.

This picture is great because it really shows the layers of rolls appearing, especially on her arms and legs. This is when she really started looking chubby, or as her grandma likes to say, "She's not chubby, just healthy." What's funny is the huge difference between this picture and the picture of her first bath.

I had to throw this picture in. Nick is a huge BYU fan and this pink onsie was the first thing he bought when he found out he was having a little girl. So, here are BYU's two biggest fans, patiently waiting for fottball season to start. Obviously the little one got tired of waiting.


FIRST- We had a visit from the Quigley's and the newest member of thier family:
Jocelyn LeAnn.
We had so much fun hanging out with them that I didn't even remember to take out the camera until the last day.  So, we were just able to get a couple of pictures of the girls together; unfortunatley Hayden was taking a nap so he missed out on pictures.

We wanted a picture of just the two of them but we were not sure how you were supposed to prop up two wiggly babies next to each other for a picture so we just set them on the floor. I took several pictures and honestly this is the best. I promise that Charlize is not trying to pet Jocelyn. She is just now realizing that she has some control of her arms and legs and they are both always moving, so that is what we had to work with. But, I think it is still so cute.

Jessica holding Jocelyn and Ashley holding Charlize.

I am so glad that they are only 6 weeks apart. I just know they will be great cousins and best friends when they are older . . . we are just waiting on the Quigley's to move up here.

ALSO- Charlize really started to show-off all she could do:

1. Smiling
I just love her smile.
She is the most smiley in the morning so we just love to lay in bed and talk, laugh, and read books. She is such a happy baby.

2. "Talking"
Charlize has really started to show her personality, and she is very "talkative," especially in the morning when she first wakes up. Both Nick and I love to talk to her and have her make noises in response. Unfortunatley, I have also learned that Charlize is camera-shy. I have had the camera out for weeks now and every time she starts to talk, I pull it and she immediately stops. So, I will have to show off this skill later. . .

3. Sitting up
Charlize has gotten really good at sitting up. Nick started sitting her up in the corner of the couch to sit with him while he watched TV and she just got stronger and stronger. She is not doing this all on her own yet but she is getting close. She prefers sitting up intead of laying down because she always has to know what is going on, so I feel like she will master this skill pretty soon.

Here is Charlize sitting up on the couch with Nick and her cousin.

4. Standing (with assistance)
Charlize loves to use her legs and she is pretty strong. I had to wait to take this picture until Nick came home from work so she is getting pretty tired here, but it still shows how much she loves to stand.
She feels like she is such a big girl.

So, here is our little girl, already three months old and SO ADORABLE: