Sunday, January 13, 2013

Merry Christmas . . . a little late!

We hope you all had a great holiday season and that you are settling back into your routines as the new year begins.  We had a great holiday season and have lots to report on.  

We spent five days over Christmas at Disneyland but I don't quite have those pictures ready to post.  Hopefully they will be ready soon so check back to see how much fun we had!

After we got back from Disneyland, we continued to celebrate Christmas.  Our first stop was breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Warren's house followed by opening gifts.

Since her birthday is in the summer, I think Charlize had forgotten how to open a present.  At Grandma Warren's house she had to have help opening all of her gifts, but by the time we got to Grandma Wright's house, she had it down.  And, when my birthday came, Charlize had it all figured out . . . and I opened very few of my own presents!

Here are pictures of everyone enjoying "Christmas Morning":

Charlize got a Belle doll (from Beauty and the Beast) while we were at Disneyland.  Here she is patiently trying to wait for her dad to get it out of the box:

Charlize got lots of fun toys including dolls and barbies but some of the best gifts she got were the homemade ones.  Charlize's dad and Grandpa Warren made her a wooden play kitchen and it turned out so cute!

But, Grandpa just couldn't stop there.  He went on to make wooden cookies in all sorts of shapes so Charlize could use her cookie cutters and pretend to cut them out.  He also made a little wooden toaster with buttons that make the toast pop out.  He did so good and it was a great Christmas surprise:

Such a cute little girl!!

After breakfast and presents, we headed to Grandma Wright's house for more presents and food.  Grandpa Wright was at work but we did face time with him so he could see.

Grandma and Grandpa Wright gave Charlize more toys and clothes and did a great job
getting her kitchen set up, including her very own kitchen table.  Charlize spends lots of time at this table, coloring, playing and eating her pretend food.

Here is a video of Samantha teaching Charlize how to open presents:

And here are some pictures of what she got:

After presents, we enjoyed the good food and good company!

Then, at the end of the day, we made it back to our place to finish up the last of the Christmas presents.  By that point, Charlize finally understood what was going on.

And Charlize finally got her play kitchen and kid chair for the living room:

Thank you everyone for making Charlize's Christmas so much fun!!

While everyone in the Wright Family was home for the holidays, we decided to take a couple of
family pictures:

After things started to settle down after the holidays, Charlize and I got back to every day life.  She is such a good girl--she loves to help me around the house and just hang out.  I'm so glad I get to be her mom!

Here she is helping with the chores:




I'm so grateful for my cute little helper!!

And here are a few more pictures of our cute little girl I just wanted to throw in:

Look at this cute girl enjoying her spaghetti:

This video shows Charlize playing in the bathroom with my make up.  She likes to sit on the counter with me when I'm getting ready and "put on my make up."  In this video she gets a little distracted but you see little snippets of her playing with her mom's make up.

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my 26th birthday-- why does that feel so old!?
We enjoyed spending time with both families and Charlize enjoyed opening more gifts:

Face Time with Samantha

Sorry Dad, I couldn't resist putting this one in for you!

Here are a few more things Charlize has been up to:

She loves to spend time playing in her kitchen--eating, washing her hands in the sink, and rummaging through the food in the fridge-

She especially had fun in her kitchen when her cousins came over to play:

Charlize also enjoys playing dress-up.
She loves hats, jackets, necklaces, tights and swimsuits she has grown out of and anything else she can find.
Here are a few of her modeling shots:

On one particular day, Charlize just kept bringing things for me to put on her.  I took a few pictures along the way but by the end she had four shirts on, her pants and three tights, three swimsuits and her hat:

Look at the bulge in her pants from all the swimsuits--she couldn't get up off the floor or pull herself into her chair.  She had so much fun and I had so much watching her!

Last week, we had one day with a few hours of snow fall.  Charlize and I went out to play in it before it melted.  She had lots of fun walking in it, throwing snowballs, and saying "brrr."  She cried when I made her come back inside.

I love this picture-- she is so happy + cute!!

Thanks for always checking in on us.  We hope things are well with everyone!
Remember to check back soon to see how our Christmas Disneyland trip went.