Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Last time I posted we were just getting ready for Christmas and now I can't believe it is the first week in January!  A lot has happened and Charlize is now seven months old.  So, here is a little overview of our busy and crazy month of December:
FIRST- We went to our ward party and Charlize met Santa for the first time.  I think Santa was a little more nervous than Charlize; he had a hard time figuring out how to hold her.

Then, at the Mathews Family Dinner, Nick took Charlize (in her pajamas) to meet Santa again:

And finally, Santa came to our house:

Santa brought Charlize a new toy (train with animals) and put some teething toys and rice crackers in her stocking.


When Nick was 8 months old, he wore this sweater that says "My First Christmas."  On Christmas eve this last year, Brenda dug out the sweater so Charlize could wear it for her first Christmas.  Doesn't she look so cute in her dad's sweater, even if she is making a funny face!

Santa brought me a new vacuum--something that has been on my list for over a year.  And Santa's helpers (Ryan and Danyelle) brought Nick a ticket to attend the Kings vs. Blazers in Portland on December 27th.  Of all his presents, I know Nick liked that one the best!!  Who wouldn't want to go watch Jimmer Fredette shoot some hoops?

 Charlize with one of her new toys

 Waiting for dad to get her train out of the box

 Enjoying her new toy from Santa!

All the spoils from Christmas--movies, books, toys, and a BYU t-shirt

Next was Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Wright's where we got to Skype with Quentin and open more presents:

Charlize attempted to open one of her presents at our house but didn't have much luck.  Aunt Samantha tried again and it took Charlize a really long time.  Finally, on her fourth present, she got it down with the help of both Haley and Samantha.  I think she enjoyed the paper more than the gift:

Charlize got lots and lots of cute clothes and some toys from Grandma and Grandpa.

Then, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Warren's for more Christmas:

Luke and Jamie joined us for a little while on Skype

 Charlize was pretty excited to get her hands on more wrapping paper
 And, her cousin, Hayden, decided it would be fun to help out

Nick also got another exciting gift for Christmas from the Quigleys:
J Dawgs T-shirt and a big bottle of the Special Sauce.

If you have never been to J Dawgs in Provo, UT you are missing out.  They sell the best sausage dogs ever and their Special Sauce just adds to it!!  Nick was really excited about this gift!  Thanks Brian and Jessica! 

Charlize, Jocelyn, and Jessica playing with some of the toys they unwrapped.

Charlize got lots of toys from Grandma and Grandpa Warren so between all the Grandparents, she is all set for clothes and toys!  Thank you Grandparents!

 Nick trying out the nerf gun that Grandma got for the boys.  It kept Brian and Nick entertained all week.


Charlize eating an apple in her new food net that she got in her stocking.


GOOD NEWS!!! Colt and Addi are now officially engaged.  Colt bought Addi a gun for Christmas and gave it to her on Christmas Eve so they could go shooting that day.  Colt hid the ring inside the box of bullets and then proposed to her when she found it.  We are so excited for both of them and so excited to have Addi as a member of the family!!

On Tuesday, after Christmas, the awaited event arrived.  Nick, Charlize, and I packed up and headed to Portland with the Mathews to go to the Sacramento Kings basketball game.
The girls and little ones stayed back to hang out in the hotel and the boys (Nick, Ryan, Easton, and Owen) went to the game.

Here is Nick, Easton, and Owen enjoying the close view:

Here are a couple shots of Jimmer and the other players in action:

The boys went early to meet Jimmer and get his autograph but didn't get a chance before-hand.  During the game they learned of a place where a lot of the players park their cars but only a handful of people are let in there.  Luckily, the boys were able to get in there.  The good news is that they saw Jimmer and got him to wave at them.  The bad news--no autograph.  Nick gave Jimmer a break and said that it was his first away game and a loss, so he probably just didn't know what he was allowed to do.  I told Nick we would find another time to get the autograph.

Over the Christmas break we were able to spend a lot of time with family.  Here are a few pictures of our leisure time:

At the Wrights:

 Puzzles, playing on the floor, and Ping Pong!!

At the Warrens:

Time on the floor with the girls, Angry Birds, and bumbos!

Charlize and Jocelyn have really enjoyed playing with each other.  At first, they would just lay on their own blankets and stare at each other.  Now we can't leave them alone on the floor together because they are not afraid to roll into each other and investigate.

Some of their favorite activities are eating rice crackers and playing on the floor:

And finally, a quick update on the little cutie.
She is learning so fast, always happy, and very busy.

I like to take pictures of her in the tub because it really shows just how much she has grown:

Since she is now 7 months, I will share 7 things she has found to entertain us all:
ONE. Rolling around like crazy--she rolls all over the living room, and her favorite place to hang out is under the coffee table
TWO. Figuring out her vocal cords-- she recently found her high pitch range and will randomly just let out high pitched squeals
THREE. Humming-- I hum to Charlize while I'm feeding her to put her to bed and now sometimes she'll hum to herself while she eats.
FOUR. Pounding her hands-- Charlize is really good at holding onto toys and other objects and her new thing is to pound them on any surface. 
FIVE. Grabbing-- Charlize has figured out that if she is quick enough she can grab anything she wants from milk cartons to plates full of food.  If you think something is just out of her reach, you need to move it back 6 more inches because she can reach far and she does it fast.  
SIX. Sitting up-- she is getting really good at sitting up on her own but I still stay close by because her balance can get off and she has smashed right into the floor a couple of times
SEVEN.  She loves her mouth-- Charlize has three new tricks with her mouth-- She likes to just sit with it wide open for no reason; she loves to suck on her bottom lip; and she will occasionally make spitting sounds.
Here is a quick video of her entertaining us with her lips:
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that all is well with you and your families!  
Thank you for your support and love and for taking the time to check on our little family!