Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome Baby Brooklynn!

Welcome Brooklynn Nicole

Our second sweet little one arrived on November 5, 2013 at 9:07 p.m. weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz and 18 inches long.   She surprised us by coming three weeks early and very quickly.  After only four hours of mild contractions and 22 minutes after my water broke, she slipped right out.  There was no time for an epidural and just barely enough time for the IV.  She surprised everyone!

She is such a good baby--sleeps good, eats good and rarely cries.  We just love having another beautiful spirit in our home and Charlize loves having a baby sister to kiss and hold.

 Here is sweet Brooklynn just a few minutes after arriving

And the happy new parents

There are few things that make me happier than seeing my sweet husband hold my little girls; 
and doesn't he look so happy to be a new dad!

 Brooklynn all bundled up and clean

Charlize came to visit Brooklynn in the hospital about an hour after she was born, but we were so excited we forgot to take pictures.  She came back the next morning for another visit and got to hold her.  

Thank you to Grandma & Grandpa Warren and Grandma & Grandpa Wright for babysitting Charlize all week and packing her back and forth from the hospital to visit her baby sister.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Look at these four happy grandparents!

Nick stayed the first night with me in the hospital but decided he would rather sleep in his own bed the second night.  So he stayed at home with Charlize and got her ready for the day before coming back to the hospital.  Here is the picture and message he posted on instagram that morning-
"Mom's still at the hospital, so it's my first time picking out clothes and doing her hair.  Will Ashley kill me for taking her in public like this?"
I think Nick did a great job getting her ready.  She is a cute girl!

After two long days in the hospital, we were all ready to go home.
 Nick getting little Brooklynn ready to go home.

Here she is in her car seat, ready to hit the road.

Can you believe just two and half short years ago, we had our first little one bundled up in the same car seat.
My how time flies!

We left the hospital and went straight to pick up Charlize at the Fielding's.  
She was so happy to see baby sister.

From the first moment we brought Brooklynn home, Charlize has enjoyed playing the big sister.  She loves to help me out, watch me get her ready and most of all give her lots and lots of cuddles.  

Charlize is constantly asking, "Mom, can I touch her?" or announcing, "I just want to give her a hug, I'll be gentle."  It makes me so happy that she loves Brooklynn and wants to be such a good big sister.  

Charlize especially loves having baby sister lay in bed with her at bed time while Daddy reads them a story.

Look at those happy girls. 

Daddy also enjoys bed time next to Brooklynn.  I caught him sleeping next to her on the couch.
So precious-

Brooklynn's first bath-
 Brooklynn did not enjoy her first two baths but now she enjoys just soaking in the warm water.

 As you can tell, I look a little awkward.  Although I have been through all the newborn stuff before, it has been over two years and I'm just now starting to feel comfortable giving Brooklynn a bath by myself.  It's amazing how much I have had to relearn.  

 Daddy getting her dried off and dressed. 

Funny story:  We never gave a binky to Charlize when she was a baby but I found a few while I was cleaning out her old baby stuff and setting up bottles for Brooklynn.  Charlize found one and asked what it was so Nick let her put it in her mouth.  She only had it in her mouth for a few minutes when we told her she had to take it out.  Right after Nick took it from her, she started bawling and yelling, "I want my binky!!"  Now I know why she never got one.  Such a silly girl.

Aunt Mert sent Brooklynn some clothes and gifts including a stuffed dog.  She was also kind enough to include a gift for Charlize- this cute stuffed cat.  Charlize fell in love with her cat as soon as she saw it and has enjoyed packing it around ever since.  Thanks Aunt Mert! 

After spending a lot of time adjusting to having a baby in the house, I thought Charlize could use some special time with mom without the TV on so I decided to build her a fort.

 We had so much fun playing inside her "cave" all day--we read books, ate snacks, played with her stuffed animals and just hung out.  Who doesn't love a good fort.  She was a happy little girl all day.  This is something we will do again soon.

Brooklynn's due date was supposed to be just three days before Thanksgiving which I was never super happy about.  I wanted to make sure I was out of the hospital and at least semi-recovered before Thanksgiving day so I could take full advantage of the good company and yummy food.  So, it actually worked out well that she decided to some so early.  Thanks Brooklynn.  

Here we are enjoying Thanksgiving break:

 Of course Aunt Sam couldn't wait to meet baby Brooklynn and spend time with Charlize. 
She doesn't look happy at all holding two cute girls!

 On Thanksgiving day we enjoyed the traditional BINGO game, delicious food and good company.  After dinner, some of us needed a little rest.
Like grandpa, like granddaughter

 Janine and Grandma McNeese

Aunt Haley and Grandma Wright

Nick wore his "lucky, breast cancer awareness" wig all day (even at dinner) and ended up winning the ping pong tournament.  Good job Nick!

And now, for a little game of "Who wore it best?"



Who do you vote for? 

 Everyone relaxing and hanging out

Charlize really enjoyed having friends over.  Here she is with Haley girl.

After Thanksgiving, we enjoyed the weekend setting up our Christmas tree.
 Charlize showing off her Minnie Mouse ornament from last year and her Doc McStuffins ornament she got this year.  She is also sporting her princess outfit-- lately she has really been into dress up and anything princess.

 Helping to decorate the tree.  She thought this was the greatest thing!

 Showing Brooklynn the ornament we got for her.

 Daddy's little helper

 "Mommy, look at these jingle bells!"

Playing with her new Little People nativity.  This has become one of her favorite things to play with; she loves baby Jesus.

Charlize also received her first Elf on the Shelf

 She took her elf and immediately started playing with him.  It wasn't until later that I actually read the book and found out that you aren't supposed to touch your elf or he loses his magic. . . or in our case, you lose him completely.  Charlize got her elf on Sunday and by Monday evening he had disappeared.  A week later, we still can't find him.  Lesson learned--we won't let the children touch the elf.  

I just had to throw in this cute picture of Charlize wearing Grandma Wright's high heeled shoes.  She actually walked around the house with no trouble in these bad boys.  She is all girl!

Side note: If you missed the post "All about Charlize" that I also posted this week, just go back one post and you can see all that she has been up to.  

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for-
Nick's latest music video is finally complete.

Last year, Nick made a music video, "Harlem Shake with a one year old," and it is a very funny, cute video.  He decided it was time to make another Daddy-Daughter video.  He got all the filming done before Brooklynn came but just now finished editing and finalizing.  

"Rollin Wit Charlize"
Original lyrics and vocals by Nick Wright
Starring Daddy, Mommy and Charlize

Enjoy, and feel free to watch it over and over again:

If you didn't get a chance to watch their Harlem Shake, you should, here is the link to that one. 

We hope you are all doing well and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.  Check back after the holidays for an update on our cute little girls!