Friday, October 5, 2012

We've Moved!!

Well, the end of September has brought some big changes for us. . . Nick has spent the last two years (with lots of help from our families) fixing up our little house on Park Street and on August 25th he finally put it up for sale.  That evening we had our first family come by to see the house and three days later we signed papers.  Congrats Nick on finishing up your first fixer-upper.  
And thank you to the Wrights and the Warrens for being there for us the whole time!

Charlize and I have spent the last five weeks packing and getting ready for the move so I have neglected the blog; I apologize.  Now that we are officially moved into a temporary apartment, I will attempt to get us caught up. . .  


At the end of August, we had a little visit from the Quigley Family.  While they were here, we squeezed in a lot of activities:

Here are the girls in their matching skirts.
So cute!

My mom, Jessica and I took some time out to do a little sewing, so Jocelyn, Hayden, and Charlize were left to play in the living room.  Just look at how well they played:

Charlize still has a huge obsession with shoes.  In fact, we have been shoe shopping for her a couple times in the last month and she thinks it is the greatest thing--she will sit so good while we try on pair after pair.
She has even learned how to say "shoes" and she will say it anytime she wants to go outside.

Here is a video of her enjoying Hayden's shoes:

We also took some time to go to a few parks with the kids while they were here.
Enjoy these pictures and videos:

In between all of our fun, we still had to take time out for naps.
After one nap at Grandma's house, we went in to get Charlize from my mom's room and found this:

She reached over the crib to open my mom's sock drawer and unloaded all of the contents into the crib!

And here are some pictures and videos from our leisure time in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard:

We ran out of swim diapers, so the girls got to run around "free" by the end of the evening!

And here is a video of Charlize enjoying her time in the backyard:

As if the kids didn't get enough water and sun, we decided to make a trip up to the Moses Lake water park to visit Uncle Colt.

We played in the water:

And enjoyed some snacks:

And finally, we even had time to fit in a little fun at the fair:

 Jocelyn and Jamie petting the rabbits

Charlize thinking about petting the rabbits

 Hayden and Adaline in the spinning strawberry ride

 Grandpa and Jocelyn waiting in line for the rides

 Adaline and Colt

Hayden waiting to go on the roller coaster

And of course, we also enjoyed a little dancing to the live music:

At the end of August, Charlize and I went back up to Moses Lake to help Colt and Adaline pack their apartment.  Here is Charlize enjoying her lunch on the floor:


We kicked off the new month with a family dinner at the Wright's.

This was our first family event with the Adamson's since Quentin and Becca got engaged.
Here is the happy couple:

Quentin and Becca

 Our cute little girl enjoying all the company and great weather!

 Cuddling with daddy

Charlize, Mom, and Liv (Adamson)

At the beginning of September, Charlize really started to pick up on the walking but she was still a little wobbly sometimes.  This video shows her trying to keep her balance while walking and dacing:

And here is more of what our busy little girl has been up to this past month--


Charlize just loves the playground of dreams--all the stairs, swings and slides.
 I know this is something she will really miss when the weather turns cold.

Going to the park has been good for both Charlize and I-- she gets to enjoy being outside and running around, and I have learned that it is okay for her to get dirty, even though it has been a little difficult:

Charlize also loves watching the geese at the park.  This time I actually let her chase them a little:


When we were not at the park, we were spending time at the Park house packing for the big move.
This is when I discovered Charlize's love for playing dress up.  As we cleaned out her closet and drawers, she just kept bringing me stuff to dress her in:

It started with an old tutu and headband

 Then she added the sweater her Great Grandma Warren made for her.

And then the swimsuit and cover-up on top of that.
She had so much fun!

On another day, I found her in her room pulling out her pajama bottoms and trying to put them all on.


We have had a lot of family over this past month helping us pack and prepare for the move.
Here is Charlize hanging out in the garden with Grandma Wright
and playing on the floor with Grandpa Warren:

We went out to dinner at Red Robin and Charlize got a balloon.  She had so much fun with it and packed it around for about three days (even after the helium was gone).

She also got a little pumpkin from Grandma Warren that she packed around the house:

I think she is starting to understand how a camera works because she is actually smiling in these pictures and whenever I take a video, she wants to watch it right after.  She is so smart!


Charlize thinks she is getting so big.  She even decided that she was too big too eat in her booster chair:

Here are a couple of videos to show off some of the new things Charlize has been learning:

She is learning so much and growing up so fast and we are just crazy about her!

We would just like to thank everyone again for all your help on making the Park house so beautiful and a great home for Charlize to spend the first year of her life.  We feel so grateful and blessed!

And just for fun, here is a before video and an after video so you can see all that got accomplished in just two years.



I think Nick did such an amazing job.

So, we say goodbye to our first house and we are on to the next adventure!